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    HIPS 7/8 on Servers


      Our McAfee rep has been asking about HIPS on servers - we previously had HIPS on servers with the exception of clustered as the updates caused a drop in connection and kicked failover.  I am now deploying 8 to all clients and have tested on a couple of servers.  The rep says we cannot use HIPS 8 on servers and need to purchase HIPS for servers as HIPS 8 we have is a desktop product.  The server price is stupid money at GBP 500+ per box if less than a certain number of machines.  Is this how everyone understands HIPS licensing????

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          Hey Orangefive,


          Yes I found this out the other day that our license does not cover HIPS on servers. So same way that we have license for VSE for workstations and servers separately.


          Best bet is to talk to your rep to get all the details!




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            I was led to believe there was no different licensing for VSE (we are deploying 8.8) on desktops or servers... unless that is part of the EPA suite which is how we have server VSE.  Why do they let HIPS even install on the server if you have to purchase a different product... or is it the same product and you just have to purchase a license for it to go on a server????

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              Well I only mention servers as our Rep had it laid out like that, although that could have been only to highlight what was and wasnt covered in our package, this wasnt official McAfee documentation!


              Yup its the same software package, I pushed out to a few servers before I realised without any issues at all. Of course if McAfee audit then there will be issues (and they do audit!)

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                Yes - Ive got a change in to remove HIPS from all servers as we are not licensed - Cant see management wanting to pay the cost per server for server IPS.  Thanks for replying

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                  No problem glad to help, I wish my management went with that option