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    Mcafee Agent 4.6 for Linux


      Ok, got a weird problem.  We have installed Mcafee EPO agent 4.6 on many linux servers without a problem.  On a fresh build of

      SLES11 64-bit non SP1 we get the following error.  We have the product extension Endpoint Encryption Go checked in which shouldnt have anything to do with the linux installer, but what is the missing mfegoN49G thats it talking about?


      ./install.sh -i
      space required to copy archive is 37337150 bytes
      space available at mfegoN49G is 4122869760 bytes
      extracting archive to mfegoN49G... please wait
      36239+1 records in
      36239+1 records out
      18554477 bytes (19 MB) copied, 0.126497 s, 147 MB/s
      Archive: mfegoN49G/package.zip
      error [mfegoN49G/package.zip]: missing 250 bytes in zipfile
      (attempting to process anyway)
      retry - request = 0x18446744073709551366
      error [mfegoN49G/package.zip]: attempt to seek before beginning of zipfile
      (please check that you have transferred or created the zipfile in the
      appropriate BINARY mode and that you have compiled UnZip properly)
      (attempting to re-compensate)
      inflating: mfegoN49G/MFEcma.i686.rpm
      error: invalid compressed data to inflate
      file #2: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 6614441
      (attempting to re-compensate)
      file #2: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 6614441
      file #3: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 8782895
      file #4: bad zipfile offset (local header sig): 16382047
      inflating: mfegoN49G/reqseckey.bin
      inflating: mfegoN49G/srpubkey.bin
      inflating: mfegoN49G/sitelist.xml
      inflating: mfegoN49G/req2048seckey.bin
      inflating: mfegoN49G/sr2048pubkey.bin
      inflating: mfegoN49G/agentfipsmode
      Failed to extract contents of install package. Installer cannot continue.Exiting