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    RAM Ceiling usage


      is there a way to limit the quantity of RAM used by the Mcshield.exe process? I'm not referring to the limit while scanning (is there a scroll bar for that i remind), but while the process is running in the background doing "on access scan" i guess.


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          I've found no such method to physically cause the On Access Scanner (OAS) to use less resources/memory. On the other hand, you can limit the types of scanning items that are selected which indirectly causes the memory used to be reduced.. For example, open the VirusScan Console, then double click on the "On Access Scanner" listing.. Once that opens, click on the "General Settings" button on the left side and UNCHECK the choice to scan "Floppy during shutdown". Next, click on the All Processes" button on the left side, then click on the "Detection" tab.. Make sure the "On Network Drives" is UNCHECKED and select the "Default Files" option instead of "All Files".. In addition, if it's safe to do so on the specific computer, you might choose to UNCHECK the "When reading from Disk" option.. Obviously, each option that is UNCHECKED is a little less safe for general options but if the situation warrants the changes, it can reduce the amount of memory used by the OAS.

          Hope this helps.

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            After being moved, i read a post concerning RAM usage of Mcshield.exe, and so i updated to 8.7i. Now the RAM usage has dropped to 30-40.

            Anyway, what that i wanted to do was just to slow down the on access scan, but not to baypass some kind of controls. With this new version it seems the engine works "lighter". We will see.

            Thanks for answering by the way.


            PS: it would be nice to have a simple command line parameter with the desired RAM usage ^^
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              There was a recent issue for those using 8.5i, with Patch #6.. Some machines had two separate running processes of mcshield.exe. It caused the memory being used by mcshield.exe to skyrocket. A HOTFIX at the link below fixed some of those issues as did running the 5300 scan engine.. Your choice where to head on this:


              Either way, it sounds like you've got the problem diminished.

              Hope this helps.

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                Well, not really... at first sight i wasn't aware of that... EngineServer.exe, probably because it was low on RAM usage. Now, after a reboot, and checking task manager at startup, i can see it taking care of 126.276KB of my poor RAM; adding 44 for Mcshield, and 20 more for the others few services it will do more or less 200MB of RAM used.

                I hardly need some tool to manage the RAM usage :(