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    MWG 6.9 Import Client Cert


      Is there a definitive guide on how to import a client cert into MWG?  We've done it in the past using 6.8.x but since the upgrade to 6.9, it seems like it no longer works.  We follow the steps below:http://nl.globalsign.com/en/support/ssl+certificates/microsoft/all+windows+serve rs/export+private+key+or+certificate/


      We've also tried:



      The above method, using steps 1 to 3, worked in the past.


      Web Gateway just complains "Error - Can Not Load Private Key"




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          see the "Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide" on Page 29. I tried the following:


          openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -nokeys -out Andre.pem

          Enter Import Password:

          MAC verified OK


          openssl pkcs12 -in test.p12 -cacerts -nodes -out Andre.key

          Enter Import Password:

          MAC verified OK


          Then I imported the .pem file and .key file, along with the passphrase into MWG 6.9 successfully.


          Please follow these steps. In case it fails, there is probably something wrong with either the certificate or the key. I would recommend to generate a new client certificate and give that a try. If it still fails, I would recommend to contact support with a feedback and - if possible - a demo certificate.