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    Help with rulesets with multiple authenication criteria

      We basically authenticate with two groups webusers and restricted web users.  We have been approached to have differnt areas in the agency to have differnt categorically blocked access.  IE sales needs access to auctions. 


      I have written the rule set so that is authentication.usergroup contains web users


      and a second rule set so that authentication.usergroup contains web users and authentication.usergroup contains sales.


      The issue that I am having is that they meet both criteria and are filtered by both.  Because everyone is a webuser.  Is there a way to bypass the next rule?


      Also, I'm not sure contains is the correct operator, but I do not see one that will allow "is" in list?



      So what I would like to do is allow them in to the proxy with either Webusers or restricted web users and them use other groups from the domain to control what rue they Access.


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