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    VSE 8.7 and crypt32 error

      Hi all,
      i installed (via epo 4 server) VSE 8.7 on several clients, and on ALL these clients i can see in the event viewer this error:


      With this error the startup of windows is much slower because of the timeout. The solution is to uninstall that windows component, but i'd like to know if you also have this problem and if there is a solution that is not the uninstall of a windows component.

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          I've had this same error on machines that dont have 8.7 installed are you sure this is the only difference?
          Have you tried downgrading one to vse 8.5 and does this still happen?
          Are there any access protection issues showing in the logs?
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            if no machine has that problem, i install 8.7 on 30 machines, and 30 machines have that problem, so i think i can be shure the origin is 8.7 :)

            it seems to me that no access protection message is raised..
            very strange

            on your 8.7 machines is it all right? even with that component installed?
            how did you solved the issue on the 8.5 systems?
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              We have the same problem with crypt32 after installing 8.7. The windows startup after the login is very slow.
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                I suppose is something about proxy. At home i have no proxy (direct gateway) and no error is given.
                Do you have a proxy server?
                I'm gonna try some "casual" (lol) proxycfg.exe parameter, but i have no time right now,

                Stay tuned happy
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                  it is FOR SURE a problem linked to VSE 8.7.
                  I don't know the solution, but editing proxycfg configuration let the problem go away.
                  This is NOT a solutione, because if i have to change che proxy settings of my clients i should have also to re-set proxycfg configuration.
                  Bad release for this 8.7, gonna wait patch 1..
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                    I don't think your CRYPT32 errors have anything to do with McAfee 8.7. I have seen this behavior occur on workstations hidden behind proxies across various enterprise environments. This specific error is caused by the system failing to contact the microsoft update site while attempting to verify root certs.

                    NOTE: no you cannot redirect this to WSUS

                    McAfee may have aggravated the error, but I doubt that it caused it.

                    Bottom line, if you are behind a proxy you have the options mentioned in the article provided to fix this problem using Group Policy.

                    http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb457160.aspx#EBAA :eek:
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                      i think i've not understood what you say.
                      In my lan with all VSE 8.5, no client has this error.
                      I take some clients (really, 30) and install to them VSE 8.7
                      In my lan with many VSE 8.5 and 30 VSE 8.7, 30 clients have this error

                      Are you telling me i'm only much much unlucky? happy
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                        It is certainly a problem with VSE8.7. We tested it on approx. 50 machines and all have these entries in eventlog. When i remove VSE8.7 from these machines, there are no more crypt32-errors in eventlog. Opened a support call at Mcafee about this.
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                          i guess you are behind a proxy, right?
                          btw, very strange behavious.. even because, as i said before, editing proxycfg configuration lets it work..
                          Let's wait for McAfee :)

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