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    Deleted Machine Object on Administration Console.



      I am not sure if anyone can help out there, but if anyone knows what would my options be to access a machine that has been encrypted with Endpoint Encryption where the Machine Object has been permanently deleted? Could one of the options below be a practical solution?


      1) Somehow restore the Machine Object from a backup without restoring the whole database, if so how?


      2) Is there anyway of creating a new Machine Object on the admin console as I have seen that if you right click, and get the menu, it appears to allow to create a machine with a different object ID, then is there anyway of re-configuring the config files on the actual device to match up the object ID's and re-synchronise to update device with console and in effect fix the issue? If there is such a solution, could someone explain what needs to be done here?


      3) Some other way of fixing the issue that has not been thought of. Ideally without going through a complete manual decryption?


      Thanks in advance.