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    Diabling Exchange Scan add-in for Microsoft Outlook

      Hi all...

      I have a client has disabled this via ePO and it is still eating up loads of memory:confused:
      He wants to essentially disable this on all his machines on the network , he has done this manually on a few machines and it sorts out the problem .
      Any idea how we can do this ?

      Thanks in advance...
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          Im using 8.7 on my machine so I cant say for sure (and we have never had an issue with the outlook addin) but compare the keys in this location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\McAfee\VSCore\Email Scanner\Outlook with it enabled and disabled figure out what changes and then push it out scripted via AD or login script as a registry key change (you may have to alter access protection rules first or they may block changes). (also use the install designer to alter the basic VSE package and check this into epo so new ones dont get it)