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    Question regarding EEPC theme picture resolution


      Hello all together,


      I have a problem regarding EEPC theme background picture. I’ve successful created a new .PNG picture with 1024x768 pixel. Then I checked in the new picture in our EPO 4.6.1 server and applied the new theme in the EEPC policy. After updating and reboot the EEPC client shows the new picture during pre-boot authentication. But the client has a 16:9 screen and the letters are stretched but the whole picture is visible. Then I tested to use other picture resolutions 1600x900 , 1360x768 and 1050x768 . But in this cases  the edge information is NOT visible.


      Is there a possibility to configure own multiple pictures with different resolutions that are correct assigned to the appropriate screen size of the appropriate EEPC client?



      Best regards from Germany