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    Apple Macintosh clients not showing up in ePo 4.5 System Tree

      Hello all,


      I've done mad searching online and really didn't find a whole lot in the way of help for macs which (unfortunately) are on our network.


      I have 1 (one) mac that mysteriously popped into my lost and found and I moved to a "mac group" that I created.  I have another 40+ macs that are no where to be found.


      I follwed instructions, and copied the install.sh to the computer, ran it, checked to see that it is talking to my server to receive updates.....but it doesn't show up in the system tree at all.


      I've tried rebooting a client, I've tried browsing for it, still to no avail.


      If anyone can point me in the right direction or clue me in, I'd appreciate it.


      It's not a huge deal since the macs are in fact staying up to date....but I'd really like to see them in the ePo manager...



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          Hi Brian,


          I have not had that problem. The ~250 MACs (we also unfortunately have) all appear in the Lost & Found bin first and as Groups containing a computer instead of simply computers (very annoying since the group does not disappear after the computer is moved) and then are sorted like all other machines, according to IP address in our environment.


          Do you, by any chance, have an "advanced filter" set up that precludes MACs from being displayed within the System Tree? When you use the "search" box on the dashboard, can you find the systems then?


          Do you have Rogue System Detectors installed? If so, you could look in that area to see whether the machines are being detected as not having an agent for some reason.


          Perhaps the install.sh did not work correctly. Did you create the install.sh through System Tree Actions - New Systems - Create and download installation package? You may get lucky if you try the same procedure again.




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