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    Real Time Scanning Turns Off

      Real Time Scanning turns off. probably got a rootkit that McAfee and Webroot neither one could detect.

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          I have uninstalled and reinstalled McAfee Security Center 5 times in this computer.  Yes, I did the removal tool and uninstalled my old Security. Once I had a tech take control of my computer by remote. The scheduled scan feature did not work for him either . When I punch in the time and date after I turn it on, it keeps saying "undefined" , then it turns off. It will not schedule a scan. It has stressed me out. On my other computer I scheduled  a scan and it will not come on at the correct time. There is nothing wrong with my clock on either computers. Both my computers have different OS's.

          I am wondering if it is a problem with the Task Scheduler. I am at a loss  as to how to resolve this issue. Just scan my computer manually at the moment.

          The Safe Mode did not work either. If anyone has any ideas, please help.

          Thank you!

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            I am really wondering if maybe the only answer for people that browse websites that might have malware is to move your stuff to a 2nd drive, reload the OS (with a disk format first), then install Norton Ghost for $69 so that if weird stuff starts happening, you re-ghost the primary drive. Keep the Antivirus and anti-malware (webroot or whatever) loaded because it probably stops 95% percent of the bad stuff.




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              That said it could be a rootkit type infection


              Why punch in the time and date are they not set by the bios?Or are you talking about the scheduled scan setting a scan?