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    VirusScan 8.8 problem removing F-Secure Client Security?


      I've seen a couple of other posts on this, but none helped.  I'm currently trying to deply VSE to some German Machines, and have edited the uninst.ini file to reflect the language of the display names.


      VSE is detecting that it's installed:

      Detect : PRODUCT_178 = F-Secure Client Security

      DetectRegValue : SOFTWARE\Data Fellows\F-Secure\FSAVCSIN\CurrentVersion

      PRODUCT_178 = Product found

      *Detection compeleted for : PRODUCT_178


      However the removal is not working.  I've attached Uninstall regsistry keys, and also the data fellows keys.  I've actually tried to cut the uninst.ini right down to keep it as simple as possible, too (attached).


      Can anyone shed any light on this??