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    False positive detection submission with no response

      Dear McAfee Support Team,


      I recently made a submission of files which are being incorrectly classified.

      Among these files were an Artemis classification and a generic virus classification.

      I have followed the documented procedure for reporting false positives but to no avail..


      I recieved automated responses from the virus_research@avertlabs email and responded immediatley as suggested.


      The  Analysis ID's of the most recent submissions are 6767125 and 6767126.


      Could someone from McAfee please look into this and contact me at the email associated with my username.


      I have followed the procedures of other anti virus companies who have fixed the issue with their products and the procedure was considerably more efficent.


      On a side note since i have made these submissions the status of one files has changed yet i have not recieved a response.


      One file which was previously identified by the artemis system is now classified as generic malware.


      Regards Adrian.


      Please contact me via email for any further information.

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