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    dat file updates break McAfee VirusScan Command Line for AIX?

      I have a working installation in unix, for a secure client who controls and provides the dat updates and engine.  After applying dat files CM-142459-avvdat-6498-Unix.zip, I can't run the engine.


      root[servernameredacted:/opt/mcafee]# ./uvscan --virlist     

      McAfee VirusScan Command Line for AIX Version:

      Copyright (C) 2010 McAfee, Inc.

      (408) 988-3832 LICENSED COPY - June 29 2011



      Error: Failed to initialize AVEngine


      it takes the runtime.dat to zero bytes.  If I put the old dat files back in it works.

      --decompress also fails.


      We are not the customer, and the customer doesn't provide us any support.

      I j ust obtained CM-143319-avvdat-6523-Unix.zip, and get the same result.


      Has anyone else seen this?  Is the client perhaps behind on engine updates and we should be running something newer?