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    Unexpected Scheduled Scan


      A scheduled scan has started even though I have scheduled scans turned OFF !

      It is still running (15% complete so far)


      VirusScan version is 15.0.291 and last update is 8 Nov.


      Any thoughts on why this has happened?

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          Kindly let us know the below information so as we could help you


          What Operating system ? (Windows XP/Vista/7)

          What is the brand of the PC - (Toshiba/Dell/HP)

          Open McAfee security center, click on About and let us know ;

          McAfee security center -

          Version :

          Aff id :

          If you coud once again go to Scheduled scan settings and let us know if it still stays OFF .






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            OS is XP fully up to date

            PC is a shop built - so unbranded - Intel Celeron 2.4 GHz 1GB RAM

            Security Center build 11.0.623

            Aff id 0

            Scheduled Scan settings say OFF.

            It hasn't happened again but I did allow the scan to complete - nearly 8 hours.


            The same happened on a 2nd PC - HP.

            Same version and settings.

            I cancelled the scan and cancelled it again when it started less than a day later.

            It hasn't come back on that PC either.

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              This is still happening randomly on both computers.

              I've reinstalled Internet Security (1st Feb) on one PC but it made no difference.

              A scheduled scan has started twice since and I've cancelled it each time.


              I suspect somebody has buried a scheduled scan internally after 1 month of no scans even though scheduled scan is turned off.   I only notice it happening because I hear the HD churning away and then notice the flag on the Icon.



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                This is still happening randomly on both PCs even though my Scheduled Scan settings say OFF




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                  Could you have a client task being pushed to your machines that is forcing a scan.


                  I know in my environment we have a task that makes all machines scan on a certain day. All client machines show that there are no scheduled scans set.


                  Hope this helps



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                    Hi Bill,


                    Can you please click on Useful links at the top of this page and then click on Technical support so that our technicians remote inn your PC and diagnose the issue for you.