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    Best practice for 'one off' users

      I currently have three main group that I allow into the proxy and then filter each differently.  My question is what is the best practice to handle 'one-off''(one or two people need to be allowed to particular sites)  I would think that I can allow them a rule to stop rule set if authinication.userid = x and url=y.  My concern is that the rules in the particular rule set could become very large and difficult to manage.


      Information and insight greatly appreciated.



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          If you need to let one user to a specific site, than you have to allow that by user id or IP address if you have static IPs.


          I have rules that allow certain people to get to certain sites by user id.  This is the best way I could think of to do it.  If it is per user, then that means a rule set needs to be created for that user.  You only need to create on rule for a user, then you can apply many sites within that rule.