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    How to turn off, uninstall ePO

      Virus Scan Enterprise dramatically affects IBM Rational RoseRT performance

      mcsheild process can take nearly 100% CPU when closing Rational RoseRT, in many cases preventing the application from shutting down

      We have VirusScan Enterprise 8.5.0i on our desktops and servers (deployed via ePolicy Orchestrator).

      How can ePO be shutdown once started?

      I've tried various techniques previously described on these forums but nothing works, including:

      frminst /forceuninstall -- can't stop McAfeeFramework service
      setting "start" parameter to 4 in the registry (Solution 4 McAfee technote) - error writing value's new contents

      John Edmonds
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          the command "frminst /forceuninstall " is for removing the epo agent from a machine, you will probably be stopped from removing the agent by the access protection rule "stop mcafee servies from being terminated" which you would have to turn off, then remove VSE then the agent....but I wouldnt recomend doing this, what I would suggest if you are having problem is try turning bits of VSE off, buffer over flow, script scanning, access protection on access scanning etc... untill you find out what is causing the problem.
          You would do this by changing the ploicy that applies to this machines in ePO.

          But TBH you dont really want to stop any of it running as then you wont be as secure, it might be a problem with the install, maybe you need a patch, new agent, superdat or what ever, try removing and installing the latest versions maybe ?

          Could also be that you could set exclusions for applications that VSE is having problems with.
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            Are you the EPo administrator?
            If so you should be able to create exceptions that mean you dont have to switch off the software. Have you tried requesting this?

            If you arent the AV admin then you should not be disabling the software.
            It is pretty simple to do for an AV admin, but would create a big security hole if the administrator were not aware of it.