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    ePO 4.6 upgrade to 4.6.1 - Install fails



      today I decided to upgrade our ePO 4.6 to the recently released version 4.6.1,

      thought it would be straight forward however I encountered a problem, maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.


      Basically, the 4.6.1 installer starts but "unexpectedly" stops immediately with the installer indicating:

      "the wizard was interrupted before...."


      the error log file lists the following:

      Failed to connect to SQL Server [SERVER-SECURITY\EPOSERVER] with error code [0x80004005]

      Description for error code is [Cannot open database "ePO4_SERVER-SECURITY" requested by the login. The login failed.]


      For reference, the db.properties file has the following content:





      I noticed that the installer is looking to upgrade the "ePO4_SERVER-SECURITY" database instance when in reality it should be upgrading "ePO4_SERVERepo" DB


      We only run 1 instance of epo SQL: ePO4_SERVERepo, not sure why it s looking for "ePO4_SERVER-SECURITY" (SERVER-SECURITY is the name of our server)


      How can I correct this issue?


      Thanks for your time!

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          I had the same. I could not figure out where the installer got that but simply renaming the database name to what the installer wanted did the trick. Renamed it back afterwards though.

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            thanks for this Herbie,

            much appreciated, I'll give it a go report back!

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              I did the same last night and it failed, the install logs showed the proper db name being retrieved from db.properties but subsequently being changed by the setup. Consequently, I raised an SR with platinum and they advised me after a fair bit of looking around that they sneaked that "feature" in so that the db name used is reverted back to ePO4_<servername>. Based on that report, we've decided to revert back to that naming convention. The install went without a hitch for the patch and the security hotfix for apache.


              <Venting> this was sneaked in without anything in the release notes, with any error message properly advising us and with KBs still telling us how to change the db name </venting>

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                Hi Andre,


                Thanks for the information. unfortunately none of the above was able to fully restore my installation.


                Renaming the server to accomodate the DB was out of the question. I finally uninstalled and reinstalled from scratch

                restoring my files and DB (after changing it's name), my agents are able to communicate and get updates from the server

                however I am unable to connect to the epo portal through any browser.


                Any ideas why this would be? I simply get a "http 500 page cannot be found" after it quickly goes through the mcafee logo;

                from the server h**ps://localhost:8443 or from any other station.


                I searched hi and low but no go, no info that I found helpful.


                Thanks again for your feedback Gents, looking forward to hearing your ideas on this one



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                  Hello to all,

                  Just an update, since all potential solutions failed to get our epo system back up and running

                  as of this morning I uninstalled epo 4.6.1, reinstalled 4.6, restored my backups (As per KB66616) and got 4.6 to function correctly...

                  I then upgraded to 4.6.1 And all issues seem to be resolved for the time being and we're running 4.6.1

                  thanks again to all