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    New ePO 4.5 deployment, need some help!

      Before I begin, let me first say that I have done some searching and reading and I have not found a clear solution to the problem I am experiencing.


      A little about my environment - small network with roughly 50 windows machines. These are spread across two subnets ( and The two subnets are seperated by a point to point circuit connected by two routers.


      The ePO server is currently up and running on the network and I have successfully deployed agents and am managing the pcs on the subnet. Here is where the issue comes in - I have added the subnet to ePO but for some reason I am not able to see any of the machines in that subnet within ePO. I am able to connect to the systems on that subnet via remote desktop as well as through the administrative shares (c$, d$) but I cannot see them within ePO, therefor I am unable to install a sensor on that subnet nor am I able to install agents.


      Is there something that needs to be done within ePO to be able to see that subnet?


      Thanks in advance!



      Update - I solved the issue. I manually installed an agent on one of the systems in the subnet that was not showing up in ePO, now that system shows up! I have installed a Rogue System Sensor on that machine now and expect that I should now start to see systems in that subnet show up.


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