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    DCM and DLP


      1. I have been instructed to ensure we have DCM in place on the network. Does DCM get installed on all clients?

      2. Do I need DLP installed if I'm only being told to install DCM? I only see a way to push out DLP to clients.


      Thank you!!!

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          By DCM, you mean Device Control? If so, the Device Control is done by Host Data Loss prevention (this is what you push on client machines), but the features are limited to only device control by the license you provide in the console.

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            My misunderstanding has been - I was not clear as to the relationship between DCM - Device Control and DLP Data Loss Prevention. I was confused as to how I suppose to install DCM without DLP. Since then, I have installed DLP out to our client workstations which I'm told will allow intigration and configuration options for DCM. Hope I don't sound as confused as I feel.


            Thanks for checking in Geogec -

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              There are two licenses types for the same product. The product is Host Data Loss prevention and depending on your license you can:

              - Use Host Data Loss prevention (Data Loss Prevention + Device Control). Protection rules for content/contect + Device rules

              - Only Device Control

              It's only one product, one piece of software, but it depends on you license what you're allowed to use.