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    McAfee Product Vanished?! Please help computer illiterate girl!!

      Hi Folks,


      Computer illiterate, so apologies for that in advance!


      Bought McAfee Total Protection just under a month ago, downloaded and all was well.

      These last few days, however, I have been getting flashed with McAfee warnings saying my protection has expired which pertains to an old supbscription I had back in 2009.  But I am unable to find my new subscription on my computer.  I AM able to locate and see it on my McAfee account, listed as bought and in use etc.

      I have the shortcuts on my desktop that came from my new subscription but it just tells me its expired.

      When I try and re-run the program I get a Windows Installer box saying    "The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation", which I know I couldn't of because I don' know how too!

      I have thought about uninstalling the McAfee products to reinstall them but I'm not sure if I am able to re-install after?

      Also if I cancel the uninstall this box appears    MCUIHOST.exe   "the instruction at 0x001c 5901" referenced memory at "0x00000024" The memory could not be "read".  Click on OK to terminate the program.

      Of course, I have no idea what that means.


      I was offered a free download from McAfee of McAfee Security Scan Plus not long ago, which I downloaded and is working but this, obviously, dowesn't cover all areas of protection.  Could this of interfered with my exisiting McAfee products?


      Please help a girl in need!  Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


      Many thanks!