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    [ask] u.cpl is it a viruses..?


      I am new in this forum, hope someone could help me with my problem, its been almost 1 week i had 4 notifications (same notifications) everyday, below is the example:


      Client Name xxx

      IP Adress xxx

      Affected Objects E:\Common\u.cpl

      Event Description Infected file deleted.

      Notification send 11/8/11 9:08:48 AM

      Configured Threat Name (Alle)



      All 4 notifications are indicating u.cpl is the infected file, and mcafee said: the file is deleted.

      But why the next day, i get the same 4 notifications...?

      How should i do this..?


      I have run:

      1. Full Scan

      2. And Stinger.exe


      But nothing seems to fix it.


      Best regards,

      Edward Sinaga

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