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    Unsafe Mcafee support site?

      Just thought I would bring this up.There is a Mcafee support site.That has a phone number and comes up as the first suggestion when typing Mcafee forums in search engine.That appears to be no good.

      If there are costumers that are having issues they may click on this site with a phone number.



      mc support.JPG





      yellow support.JPG

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          Peter M

          That is a site masquerading as McAfee - in other words it isn't McAfee at all.  Support is via a right-click of your taskbar icon or from Useful Links or McAfee Support on the red bar at the top of this page.

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            Got another one by Googling "McAfee Support". There could be any number of similar sites. This one is untested by SA. Some of them will be bona-fide paid-for tech support, but if they come up as paid advertising in a Google search (like this one) they are instantly suspect. That's how a lot of malware gets spread.

            -mcafee support- - Google Search.png


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              Peter M

              There'll always be sites that spoof recognized brands, I've seen Norton ones too.  I am sure that McAfee are aware of them but stopping it is another matter.


              I often wonder also if Google and other search engines put the key word in some results deliberately in error,  as often when you click these things it leads to somewhere that has nothing to do with it at all.


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                I was pretty sure that it was no good.The biggest problem is that it shows in the first result.Which could attact a few people that are having S.A problems or just have it turned off.I know what your saying though. It`s pretty hard to stop.Just thought I would post it.

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                  Peter M

                  It's infortunate I agree and I've emailed a few people about it but it's Google's problem really as to how the results display.


                  It's a case of 'user be careful of what you click on'.




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