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    Can I Get Free Upgrade from...

      Hello. I hope this is the correct board to post this question in. My school game me, through them, VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i. I want to know if I am able to obtain a free upgrade to the latest VirusScan version with the firewall, or am I just stuck with the 8.5i?

      Sorry it may be a silly question.

      Thank you.

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          It all depends on your schools policy. I believe that you are talking about the retail version that has a built in firewall component. The retail versions are not free.

          At our university, we allow students to use the retail versions of McAfee, Symantec etc. We also utilize Cisco CNAC that makes sure that the students have some type of virus software installed before being allowed on the network.

          Most students have the 60 or 90 day free trials of McAfee/Symantec on their systems. We will offer them the McAfee Enterprise version at no cost to the student. This does not have a firewall component. However, the students are protected by the XP/Vista firewalls. Most students are cash strapped and will take the free option instead of paying the subscription fee for the retail version.

          You may want to check with your schools helpdesk to see what the policy is for the anti-virus software is. If you are allowed to use the retail versions then make sure you uninstall the version that they supplied.
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            Okay, I will contact them on this.

            If you can answer me one more question please. I seem to be a bit confused on all the versions. From my post being moved, I did more reading and see that what I am using at home is more for businesses, and not just a name (Enterprise).

            Is VirusScan 13x the latest of all VS programs, or for VS Enterprise specifically, the latest is 8.5i (I see a 8.7 in testing)?

            Thanks for the clarification. Much appreciated.
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              The McAfee VirusScan packages that have versions 11.x, 12.x and the newer 13.x are all the retail versions. These are the versions that home users should use.

              However, the Enterprise versions designed for use by businesses have version that start with 7.x, 8.x with the latest version being 8.7i.
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                Hmmmmm, thanks for the info. My school, DeVry, offered Ent8.5i for us home users. Interesting. Am sure for their licensing bit, but it I was a typical user, this be overkill. Me, i am quite advanced and always like the latest versions of what I use. happy Now I then have to see which (13x home or 8x Ent) would suit my needs better now that I understand the different packages a bit better here.

                I will get in touch with them about that. Thanks for all the help!
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                  If you are interested I think VSE 8.7i is still being offered as a beta test here: http://community.mcafee.com/showthread.php?t=222454
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                    Just an FYI: If you decide to go with 8.5i, the latest patch is Patch 6.
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                      I am trying out this product and waiting for the school to get back to me on a few things. In the meantime, I seem to be having a hard time trying to get it to this patch 6. Right now I have it at 8.5.0i with installed patches at a 1. I can not seem to find a direct link from the McAfee site to download 6. The update of the program does not seem to do it on its own, so I need to manually find it.

                      Can someone provide me a link please to 6? I tried a few but either wrong product I am given or invalid links.

                      Thank you for any help.
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                        You will have to contact your school's helpdesk for the patch. McAfee does not allow the end-user to download any patches for the Enterprise editions.