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    McAfee® ePO Deep Command 1.0.0


      Im having troubles figuring out how to remove the EPO Deep command 1.0.0 plugin.  The directions say to create a new update task and just unselect the plugin.  But how does that actually remove the product?  I thought an update task just told the system to check to see if there are any updates to those programs and unselecting the item just told it to ignore the product on the update task?  Can someone explain this better to me?


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          Hi Dvanmeter,


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            Which directions are you looking at exactly.

            Can you pull out the relevant quote please as this will help





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              Page 2 of the Deep Command User Guide:




              For option definitions, click ? in the interface.

              1 In the ePolicy Orchestrator console, click Menu | Policy | Client Task Catalog, then select Product Update

              under McAfee Agent.

              2 From the New Task dialog box, click New Task and select Product Update. The Client Task Catalog: New Task

              page opens.

              3 In the New Task page, name and describe your task, then set the remaining options as follows:

              • Package selection — Selected packages

              • Package types — In the Signatures and engines list, deselect all options. In the Patches and service packs

              list, select only the Discovery plugin remover option.

              4 Click Save and exit the New Task page. The Client Task Catalog page opens.

              5 In the Client Task Catalog, in the Actions column of your new product update task, click Assign and

              select the systems or groups where you want to remove the ePO Deep Command client, then click


              6 Click Next to schedule the task as required.

              7 Click Next, then click Save.


              But there is no "Discovery plugin remover" option



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                Please note i've not actually done this yet so don't hold me to it, but i'm guessing it's related to the prior  "Install the ePO Deep Command extensions" section.




                "You can install the software extensions using the ePolicy Orchestrator Software Manager. The Software Manager provides a single location within the ePolicy Orchestrator console to review and obtain McAfee
                software and components.



                For option definitions, click ? in the interface.


                1 In the ePolicy Orchestrator console, click Menu | Software | Software Manager.


                2 On the Software Manager page under Product Categories, click Software Not Checked In | Licensed.


                3 Select the ePO Deep Command software components to be installed, then click Check In. Click Download to save the software to a temporary location to be checked in later, using the instructions provided in the ePolicy Orchestrator 4.6.0 documentation.


                4 In the Check In Software Summary page, review and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA), then click OK to complete the installation.


                Installing the ePO Deep Command software extensions automatically adds the ePO Deep Command Discovery and Reporting plugin and Management Framework client available in the Master Repository
                under Menu | Software."



                Presumably the package should therefore be visible for download in the software manager and then subsequently in the Master repository ?