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    Configure the agent to update at a fixed time

      Hi all,



      First visit here and I have a question, probably kids stuff for a lot of you but i'm new to this.



      I have a set of machines that I want to update at a fixed time every day. I was looking in the policy for the agent but all you can set there is the communication interval between the ePO and the agent.



      Is there some way that i can tell the agent to update himself with new DATs etc at 9 am?



      ePO 4.6

      Agent 4.6

      AV 8.7



      Thanks in advance

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          That would be done via a client task, not policy (so it can have a schedule).


          Please take a look on the McAfee Servie Portal, there is a wide selection of searchable articles and tutorial video recordings that will walk you through the required steps.




          Also, ePO 4.6 includes a special dashboard to help first-time users set up the basics.

          In the ePO console, select the 'Guided Configuration' dashboard like so:


          1 In the ePolicy Orchestrator console click Menu | Reporting | Dashboards, then select Guided Configuration from the Dashboard drop-down and click Start.


          2 Review the Guided Configuration overview and instructions, then click Start.