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    Novell file sharing and Mcafee HDLP/NDLP


      I'm fairly confident I have a bead on a solution to this requirement, but I'd love some confirmation from anyone else who's running Novell in their environment for file and print sharing.


      I've discovered that Novell using the Novell method of file sharing (leveraging Novell client, native file sharing off, leveraging the nwgina.dll under the covers) is a deal breaker for both Mcafee HDLP as well as mcafee NDLP Discover. 


      However, I believe a workaround with promise is to enable "native file access" on the Novell servers/shares so that they can look like regular Windows SMB shares.  This promises to allow Windows clients to access them using the regular Microsoft GINA methods... and the hope is that that also allows NDLP Discover to scan these volumes as a regular Windows share, and also allows HDLP to honor tagging rules based UNC paths pointing to these shares.


      Can anyone confirm or deny from firsthand experience? 


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          Moe Hassan

          Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but seems like this problem still persists. Trying NDLP 9.3.3 to scan some Novell smb/cifs shares. I was able to "browse" when creating filters.

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            Are your novell servers configured to support native mode or whatever they call it?   e.g. can a windows client without a Novell client on it get to the files over SMB?  If so you're probably fine.


            The next irritation came with 9.3.4 I think...    Do some tests of having some office docs stored on novell shares open all day and periodically auto saving and see if anything blows up and freezes eventually.   That was our p4 story. STarted getting complaints of things getting locked up HARD on machines such that people had to reboot to recover.  We had to roll back to freakin 9.3.2.  Heinous.


            Knock on wood, we'll be Novell client free in this client's environment in a few weeks (goodbye to the red N!)  and I can finally upgrade without clenching my butt cheeks.

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              Moe Hassan

              Thanks for your response. I was thinking of an alternative. Map some Novell shares on a Windows system and have NDLP point to that Windows system. It's a little workaround. Have you ever tried this?

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                I haven't I'm afraid.

                Our DLP use case at the time was rather limited to device control, and the big ole steaming  heaping McAfee KnowledgeBase - REDIRECTED - Data Loss Prevention Endpoint 9.3 Known Issues  entry of  "nope"  dissuaded me from trying to reinvent the wheel too much.


                Third-party compatibility Issues - DLP Endpoint Client Software related issues  

                Reference NumberRelated ArticleFound in DLP Endpoint VersionResolved in DLP Endpoint VersionIssue Description
                383093 9.0.0 -Issue: DLP Endpoint does not support Novell file sharing or printers.