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    MEG 6.7.2 HF5 - Notification when update fails


      Our MEG 6.7.2 HF5 stopped downloading AV und TRU updates with following error messages in update log:


      STATS:11042011 10:10:00:Starting Update Process for Stats Collector Updates...

      STATS:11042011 10:10:00:Reading configuration data...

      STATS:11042011 10:10:00:Processing: ['/ct/bin/upgrade', '-t', 'stats', '-r']

      STATS:11042011 10:10:00:Update Server Request: STATS/product=IM & product_version=6.7.2

      STATS:11042011 10:10:00:Downloading metadata from <update4.ciphertrust.net>

      STATS:11042011 10:10:04:Failure when downloading metadata from <update4.ciphertrust.net>. Code <65280> Error: <>

      STATS:11042011 10:10:04:Update Server Response: []

      STATS:11042011 10:10:04:Error: 'unable to fetch metadata' Value: 1

      STATS:11042011 10:10:04:Done processing


      We found KB70918 and after "Reset keys" updates are working fine.


      Now we would like to know, if its possible to configure a notification per email in case updates of AV or TRU fail.


      Does anyone know?


      Best regards.