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    New Epo Server


      I have to do a new epo server, with a different name, made with other 4 servers, with different names, policies and client. The problem is that i want to mantain all the policies and clients, but redirected to the new server. How is it possible to do this?

      Thanks to all
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          Export the policies from your other server and import them into the new one. You will need to redeploy agents so that they start communicating to your new server.
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            Is it possible to import (merge) poicies from 2 or more servers into a single one ?

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              I need also to migrate all the single server groups to the new server, without loosing anything.....How is it possible?

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                I assume you currently have several ePO servers that clients are connecting to, I further assume they all have their own independant policies.

                My strategy would be to export policies from all existing servers, and importing them one server at a time and rename them based on where they came from.

                I would then review the polices to see if some where redundant.

                Once all the policies are sorted, create a new Agent installer with your new server and deploy to the clients in your organization. Sort the clients as required and assign policies as required.

                If there is significant network displacement in clients I would also set up distributed repositories.