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    Mcaffe antivirus plus wont activate

      I have installed mcafee antivirus plus on my computer (Vista home premium sp 2) . I got a message wich said that the installation was succesful.


      When i try to activat the product, i get a message wich says "internet connection required"

      When I try to run the virtual technician. i get a message wich says "cant reach mcafee server check your internet  connection"



      I already spoke with a technician of Mcafee.

      he tried to take over my computer but didn't succeed.

      he suspected i had a virus on my computer and asked me to download the programm "exterminate it". So i did and the scan gave no virus results.




      I have an  ADSL internet connection from UPC I did a speedtest with the following results download 20mbs upload 1.5 mbs



      So i do have an internet connection. However the errormessages i get from mcafee suggest that i dont have one.


      Because of this i cannot activate (and update) mcafee


      Please help!!

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