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    Cannot start mcconsole.exe , mctray.exe. Mcshield.exe keeps spawning on task tray



      i have install my Win 7 & win xp clients with Mcafee 8.7( Wrk, Patch 5)  with Agent

      However, some of the computers installed with the product behaves in a questionable manner


      1) i can't open mcconsole.exe after clicking on the GUI

      2) The Mcshield keeps spawing on the task tray, as shown in the attachment

      3) Cannot show the M icon, which supposed to be the mcafee agent


      I have put Mcafee Agent Extension  "EPOAGENTMETA.zip" , "VSEPatch5",  VSE870LMLRP5

      So the agent should be up to date


      In the Epo, i also checked the option "Show the system tray icon with all menu options has been checked"


      So i am not sure what went wrong