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    CommonUpdater files


      Hello All,

      I dont know where to begin with this problem so I thought I would start here. If I am in the wrong forum, my appologies, just advise me where to post as I am new here.

      I work in a corporate environment with 150 servers spread across a vast geography. Our network is linked with everything from T1 lines to 56k lines @ our remote sites.

      We have loaded EPO in conjuction with Mcafee Virus Scan 8.0i on approximately 8,000 workstations.

      Due to bandwidth limitations, instead of using a central FTP repository for the CommonUpdater files we would like to distribute the CommonUpdater files to each server using robocopy. We can then configure our clients, via EPO, to look to the local server for updates instead of a central FTP site that is linked by a 'slow line'.

      Robocopying the whole CommonUpdater directory to 150 servers is not an option either due to its size and our bandwidth issues.

      My question is: Are all the files in the commonupdater directory absolutely necessary for Virus Scan 8.0? Can we filter out unecessary directories and files in order to reduce its size so that we can robocopy a leaner version to our servers? Would there happen to be a list of necessary files/directories that are required by the 8.0 client?

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.