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    EPO 4.6.1

      I just installed EPO 4.6.1 and when I went to change the password for the admin account I saw the following message:  The CA certificate for clieant certificate authentication has not been configured.  does anyone know how to resolve this?  Thanks.

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          Epo uses a self signed certificate. You can:

          -import into epo a certificate generated by your enterprise ca

          -import the self signed certificate manually on the machine you access it from (make sure you access it on the address specified in the subject field of the certificate, otherwise it will say the cert doesn`t match)


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            Where is the file for the self-signed certificate on the EPO server?  Thanks

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              I don't know where it sotres it on the HDD, but when you visit the HTTPS://hostname:8443/ website..it will prompt you about the self sign certificate and you can install it there in the browser.


              But I may be mistaken. When reading the 2nd time the message you got, I believe that it has to do with client certificate authentication when visiting the console. EPO can authenticate users based on their digital certificates, and now I'm pretty sure that's what's this about. Go to Menu> User management> Users and try creating a user. You'll have there the option to authenticate "Authentication type:"". The epo manual should provide more info.


              Is this something you want to set up? Do you have a PKI infrastructure?

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                No there is no pki infrasructure.  This message came up after I upgraded from EPO 4.5 patch3.