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    False positive Artemis!08C740FD658D

      I use a commercial program called DVR-Studio Pro, which McAfee has started to detect as Artemis!08C740FD658D.  It keeps deleting the main executable, DVR-STUDIOPRO.EXE, preventing me from running the program.  Scanning it with other anti-virus software shows it to be clean and I have no other problems on my system.


      This is the application's website:

      http://www.haenlein-software.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=92f546a831be66c2c43041d9231 64565&nav=products/dvr-studio-pro


      The installer for the application (DVR-Studio Pro 2.20) can be downloaded from here:

      http://www.haenlein-software.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=92f546a831be66c2c43041d9231 64565&nav=download/products


      When running this install package, McAfee deletes DVR-STUDIOPRO.EXE during the install process.  I submitted the DVR-STUDIOPRO.EXE file to Virus_Research@avertlabs.com on the 30th of October and received an automated reply saying it was being sent for further processing (6765836), but subsequent antivirus updates to date are still detecting and deleting it.  Should I submit it again?