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    8.7 mirror task

      I'm using VSE 8.7 to run a mirror task to setup a local HTTP repository up on a web server.

      One thing I've noticed is that 8.7 does not download SiteStat.xml from the root of the repository during the mirror task. If that's not in there, the AutoUpdate fails when pointed to the local repository. If I download that file manually and add it to the local repository, Auto Update works fine.

      Anyone else seeing this?
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          Laszlo G
          Hi, I have had same problem with every server or workstation executing a mirror task, in every case sitestat.xml does not appear.

          The other thing ?ve seen in the Agent_PC.log is the lines below:

          #2404 RcFile [LoadLibrary,C:\Archivos de programa\McAfee\Common Framework\0C0A\MueRes.dll]->
          #2404 RcFile error 126: No se puede encontrar el módulo especificado.

          telling that this dll is not found on the 0C0A.
          But this directory (0C0A) doesn't exist and it does not correspond to any language code...?
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            Laszlo G
            We have finally opened a ticket case to McAfe and they have sent us the Patch 1 for McAfee Agent 4.0 and is now working properly