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    VSE 8.7 services shutdown after reboot

      Hi everyone,
      I have an issue that I am dealing with at the moment testing VSE 8.7. After the install and the subsequent update. I get the reboot notification. So I rebooted my test system and after login and everthing settles down, Access Protection, Buffer Overflow and On-Access Scanner shuts down. A check of the services shows that the Mcafee McShield Service is not running. I restart the service and it will promply shut down, with a notice that the service started and then terminated. I checked the logs but the only information I can see is error notifications that the service stopped but no other info.

      I did an uninstall of 8.7 and the epo framework, purged the registry and reloaded our old config of 8.5 which was working before the upgrade. After initialization it too will now shut its service down and will not stay started.

      Has anyone seen this happening on any of their systems? So far it has happened on two. My test machine and one of our volunteers for testing. It has installed fine on 15 other computers that we are testing it on. All basically have the same image of the operating system.

      Any ideas? I don't want to deploy this and have to reghost 1 our of every 25 computers we have in production.

      Thanks in advance,

      Brad Grant
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          Yep, the same problem has just happened on my system. I decided to tell the EPO 3.6.1 test server to upgrade my VSE 8.5i to VSE 8.7i. On a reboot, both the OAS, Access Protection rules and buffer overflow protection are disabled.

          I decided to make my system be a test guinea pig for this new version. When I try to start the mschield service it gives an "error 1053 the service did not respond to start or control request in a timely fashion".

          Decided to remove both the EPO Agent & VSE 8.7i from add/remove. Finally removed all references to McAfee/Network Associates in the registry. After a reboot, I then installed the EPO agent and told the server to just install 8.7i. This time it worked after doing a reboot.

          I have installed VSE 8.7i on two other test systems and have not seen the disabled services. When, I get the time, I will try it on my laptop and then make a support call to McAfee if it fails there.

          Update: Just installed on the same way, by doing an upgrade from 8.5i. It has no problem from a reboot with 8.7i

          Both systems had VSE 8.5i with Patch 6.1.