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    What happens when your subscription ends?


      Just wondering what happens to Mcafee Internet Security when your subscription runs out?


      I'm not planning to end the subscription on this computer, but last year, for example, the subscription ended before I got around to entering the new serial number for another years worth of service. I doubt the people I look after this machine for noticed anything different, but when I checked out Security Center 2 days after the old subscription had ended, everything appeared greyed out and disabled.


      Does this mean that the firewall is disabled and that virusscan wasn't protecting the machine for those 2 days?

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          When your subscription expires the software no longer protects your computer and you no longer receive any updates or daily virus definition updates.

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            As Tom says we noticed this grey out feature. I actually used to think the program did continue protecting but no dat update. Since I have now seen 3 posters saying feature changes are greyed out seems that is done as well to stir the user into updating.


            Actually this FAQ imples everything works bar dats but maybe they decided as I said to stir the user not to use old dats.



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              Seems a little harsh as well as insecure to me!


              Terminating dat updates once the subscription ends is completely justified. But stopping the whole security suite from working, without providing minimum functionality for an interim period to give the use time to acquire a new license, seems very draconian.


              Maybe then, Mcafee ought to allow the suite to function with minimum functionality for a buffer period of say 1-2 weeks after the subscription ends, without dat updates of course.

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                I asked a tech re this will see what he says. I agree  the faq implies it works but no updates.

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                  Hello Jaheira ,


                  When your subscription expires, you will no longer receive updates. Without the latest updates and virus definition files, you will not be protected against new threats. This includes Potentially Unwanted Programs (adware and spyware), viruses, and spam. Hundreds of new viruses are discovered each month, so it is important to keep your protection up to date. You will still be able to use the product, but you will not be protected from threats newer than the last update before it expired  . But as Security center alarms you a way before it expires, McAfee strongly recommends that you renew the license



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                    Asked re the grey out of options and that is I am told intended as the program is now not updated. As I said I assume this to remind you the program is expired (that is my impression not from Mcafee). As Jai says bets to resubscribe or get upto date protection soon.

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                      Two years ago, I updated my subscription via a new key several days before my old subscription was due to end. That new key gave me a year of protection from the day I entered it, thus wasting several days of the previous subscription. Hence the reason I was late entering my new key last year! I know a few days is nit picking, but I (and I assume many others) like to get their money's worth!


                      Greying out everything in the main program isn't a very good idea, as it makes it look as if all the components are disabled.

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                        The grey-out is telling you to renew or remove the software as basically it is useless anyway as it isn't providing much in the way of protection being out of date.


                        A subscription buys the use of the software, so when the subscription is expired you lose the use of the software.   That's basically the logic behind it.

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                          i lived in FRance and i am crazy with Mc Afee methods.  Because of very agressive commercial mails for renewal , i decided to buy Avast and i am happy because they are not so much pushy and agressive.

                          But the 11 th november , I received an email informing me that my mc afee license has been renewed automatically and i don't think i gave that right to mc afee. 

                          1 - it means mac afee kept my credit card information from my original order and i never accept such behavior from any vendor

                          2 - it means they did against my comitment because i don't want to have anything from mc afee

                          3 - i wanted to contact the customer service and it didn't work : so very easy to sell that way

                          I am very unhappy with mac afee  services at the commercial level and i want to stop my link with them



                          this is the message received :

                          Madame, Monsieur,

                          Votre abonnement McAfee® a été renouvelé avec les informations de règlement archivées pour vous.

                          Vous bénéficiez à présent d'une nouvelle année de protection pour votre ordinateur, chaque fois que vous utilisez celui-ci et passez en ligne.

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