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    EE050014: File Access Error

    Hemant Koli

      Hello Everyone...


      Can some one explain me KB72654 EE050014: File Access Error (issue: corrupt user in preboot)

      What does this sentance means "This type of error is usually seen on clients that have multiple user accounts assigned and cached on the system, but only one account fails."

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          you have several users assigned to one Notebook and all but one are able to Sign in. Only one User is prohibited by a corrupted PreBootfileSector for signing in.


          As far as it belongs to our company we decided to decrypt the Notebook using EETechCD and afterwards just let the System boot into Windows and let Endpoint Encryption do it's job again (don't forget to save the new XML-File für recovery). We don't like this workaround but it works and hopefully there will be Hotfix/Patch for preventing this in future.