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    Duplicate entry within epo

      Hi Guys,


      Do you have any idea why epo show duplicate system inside system tree. Just wondering, both consists with same hostname and IP inside system tree? But when I checked system properties, both consists same information except GUID and MAC address. Only this information are different. Last communication also different. Details as below.


      System Name

      IP Address


      Last Commonication



      11/2/11 6:00PM



      11/2/11 5:30PM

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          I don't know, to delete duplicated system i have created query with filter System Name -> Is duplicated.

          In results I usually delete both duplicated systems from ePO by using Directory Management -> Move GIUD ti Duplicate List an delete System.


          Than after AD synchronization in System Tree appear only one system and working good.




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            Actually this is not the first time this happened to me, many time before. I'm really interested to know why duplicate system keep happened and how to prevent its.


            If let says new MAC address were generated, wonder why old MAC address still communicate with epo server?

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              A laptop? Connecting via VPN?


              A connection by VPN would potentially show a new MAC address in ePO and then when they're back in the office they connect via wireless or lan cable and so another MAC address.


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                Yes, if this system were laptop then its make sense..This problem happened to the server.

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                  I have not only notebook's duplicated, sometimes PC is.

                  After upgrading McAfee Agent I discovered more duplicated systems.


                  Is it possible that heppens when network has configured 802.1x  ?

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                    It isn't something strange like the server is cloned from an image and there is actually two servers with the same IP.


                    Having a different MAC address AND GUID  would suggest that it's actually a separate installation of an agent.


                    For instance If you were to re-deploy the agent to the server that would generate a new GUID but the MAC would stay the same. Does the server have multiple network adapters?