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    Command Line scanner for SaaS?

      There was a command-line scanner for Enterprise 8.x. Is there one for SaaS that comes with the software or that can be downloaded?

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          There is no inbuilt command line scanner in McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection. But we can download the scan engine and the dat files to perform the command line scan. Please find the below steps to start the Commandline scan.


          •          Create a folder in the root drive [C:] with the name “Scan” and download the zip file which has the “scan.exe” from the below link:



          •          Then download another zip file which has the latest “Beta Dat” files from the below link:

          http://vil.nai.com/vil/virus-4d.aspx [Please select the file with the name “avvwin_netware_betadat.zip”]


          •          Once the zip files downloaded, extract the “vscl-w32-6.0.1-l.zip” in the scan folder.

          •          Then extract the “avvwin_netware_betadat.zip” in the same folder.

          •          Move the files from the “vscl-w32-6.0.1-l” to the scan folder.

          •          Then move the files from “avvwin_netware_betadat” to the same scan folder.


          NOTE: Please click on “Replace all” to replace the old dat files to the new one.

          Create batch file:

          •          Once the files extracted, follow the steps below to create a batch file to run the Command-line scan:

          •          Open a notepad and copy the command given below:

          c:\scan\scan.exe /clean /all /adl /program /winmem /unzip /report c:\scan\scan-rpt.txt /rptall

          •          Save the notepad in the root drive [C:] with the name and extension as “Scan.bat”

          Execute the scan in safe mode with command prompt:

          Boot the computer in the  safe with command prompt by tapping the F8 key while restarting the computer and selecting safe mode with command prompt in the advanced boot menu.


          Please let me know if you have any issues so that I can help you in a better way.


          Geetha P