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    Deep Command tasks?


      On the McAfee website here:




      It states on of the features of Deep Command is to "Conduct security maintenance or time-intensive tasks during off hours without impacting productivity. Using the AMT Alarm Clock, security administrators can power on and wake up a PC to execute a defined series of security tasks."


      How exactly do you do this? The product sheet that comes with the ePO download only cites how to install it and what some of the reporting features are.


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          It basically leverages some of the functionality of the Intel vPro chipset, which is why on the system requirement tab it says:


          • Intel® vPro™ AMT supported versions: AMT 4.2, 5.2, 6.1.2, 7.0, 7.1.4
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            Sorry if I misspoke. I totally get that it uses vPro with AMT. I guess a better question would be:


            How do you set up these tasks or policies in ePO using Deep Command?

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              No problem, although I can't really help you with the nuts & bolts of operation not having seen it myself.





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                Does anyone know how this works?


                If so, have you used it personally?

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                  I think it's a reporting plug-in only, there are no tasks.


                  The notes on the download page says:



                  ePO Deep Command Discovery and Reporting module reports BIOS and system properties to help you identify which of your ePO-managed PCs support Intel® vPro™ Active Management Technology. It provides properties, queries, and dashboards to help you quickly see and act on this information.



                  I've deployed it to a few machines in my environment but so far none have vPro....typical.


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                    Which is what it seems like to me also. That would make this entire statement, that I copied from the above link, false:


                         McAfee ePO Deep Command provides secure and remote security management access to PCs that may be powered off or disabled. ePO Deep Command utilizes Intel® vPro™ Active      Management Technology (AMT) to deliver beyond the operating system management, reducing security operations costs while enhancing your security posture. Using Intel vPro AMT,      ePO Deep Command enables secure remote access regardless of the PC’s power state so security administrators can remotely remediate compromised systems, enable               energy- saving initiatives, wake systems, and apply proactive security.


                         By communicating with endpoints at a level beyond the operating system, ePO Deep Command allows security administrators to configure and remediate hard-to-manage endpoints      from a central site, using an established and familiar management platform — McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.

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                      From what I know Deep Command is in two separate modules - a reporting module, which is free and already available, and a "control" module, which isn't.

                      The Discovery and Reporting module is the thing that you have been using - I'm afraid I don't have any details on when the other module is going to be available.


                      HTH -



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                        Now that makes sense!


                        Thanks Joe

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