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    EEPC MAC stuck in 'Inactive' Status


      Hi All,


      First time MAC users ... and struggling !


      Have deployed EEPC 1.0.0 .248 with hotfix 705225 to


      a MacBook Air 4.2 OSx 10.7.2 i7. 


      Have checked in the correct Extensions.


      The MAC however will not encrypt. I know the policies are set correctly as I was able to encrypt a older MAC model. ON this one I am seeing the following error in the McAfee Endpoint Encryption.log


      EpoPlugin collectProperties: dispatching disk list to AgentHandler
      2011-11-01 09:22:16,000 INFO    EpoPlugin                            userHandler: handling GetAllUsers response
      2011-11-01 09:22:16,000 INFO    MfeEpeCoreEncryptionPlugin --- Activation Begins ---
      2011-11-01 09:22:16,000 INFO MacSystem  Activation started

      2011-11-01 09:23:21,000 WARNING MfeEpeGenEncryptionProviderPlugin    /Users/buildmaster/src/1.0.0/248.bld/Epe/Provider/Plugin/Generic/Src/EpeGenActi vationHandler.cpp: 698: [0xEE020021] Failed to shrink OS partition

      2011-11-01 09:23:21,000 WARNING MfeEpeCoreEncryptionPlugin           receive_from_service_first_message_of_type(MfeEpeEncryptionServiceClient, 28ns1__ESActivateEncryptionAck) wrong message received:

      Help !



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          Resolved this issue thanks to McAfee support.


          On the particular MacBook Air I was using MacBook Air 4.2 OSx 10.7.2 i7 EEPC for MAC was unable to create the partition it needed as there was no disk space. There was 200 GB free on the OS so I resized this reducing it by a 5 Gb (over the top I know) using Disk utility.


          As soon as I done that it became active and started encrypting.


          IMportnat point, make sure you reboot after the resize before it encrypts otherwise when you boot it will not be able to mount the OS and will fail to load. Decrypted and reencrypted and it was fine. Must have been down to the lack of reboot.


          Make sure you also have the latest HOtFix on there as well (705225)