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    Endpoint Encryption GO 1.0 Tool (EEGO) Data Channel Response


      We have deployed Endpoint Encryption Go to a little over 800 systems for testing.  The systems are primarily  Lenovo T61 laptops, which is the model that seems to give us the most trouble with failing drives.  The majority of these are already encrypted (having previously passed an external CHKDSK process).  About 600 of the 800 systems are reporting Failed for the "Data Channel Response" test, with a majority of those reporting "Unknown Error" for "Data Channel Ping" and 0 for "Data Channel Delay".  All other test (Incompatible Products, S.M.A.R.T., Supported Drive, Disk Status) are passing with success.


      In the KB72777 article it states the following about Data Channel Status:


      Endpoint Encryption GO: Data Channel Status - Reports the results of the datachannel ping from client in milliseconds and the reachable status from server with a timeout of 30 minutes.


      The documentation is not very clear about what may be causing this failure or what steps should be taken to correct the error or to perform a retest.


      If the Data Channel test fail is it safe to assume the drive is not ready for encryption?  What steps, if any, can be performed to resolve this issue?