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    Encrypted  Hard Disk Crashed

    Hemant Koli



      I'm using EEPC 6x & facing i Issue, as my Encrypted Hard Disk got crashed(Unable to detect) so is it possible to recover the Data???........

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          Was the disk fully encrypted or partially?

          What error do you get on boot?

          You can use the EETech recovery tool to do a Remove EE first (assuming crypt info is still valid.)


          You can also create the eetech disk within BartPE (instructions in the EETech manual) and possibly drivers for that specific drive, and load the recovery file and then see if the data is readable via the A3 file mgt util. if so - you can copy/ghost etc the data off.

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            Yes, it's usually possible, but it depends on exactly what "crashed" means - what are the exact error messages you are getting, and how did you get into this position? (and what have you done since then?)

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              Hi ,


              I'm facing the same issue , using the safe disk  i completed the disk decryption , but after the process completed i can't access the Dive partiation ,

              as windows showing the drive as RAW and asking to format it .



              Can you please advise how can i recover my data ?




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                Please can you start a new thread and give the full details of your problem, exactly what happened, the exact error message etc. "crashed" is not something we can really help with as it doesn't mean anything. :-)