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    EEPC for MAC


      Hi All,


      Using ePO 4.5.4 with Hotfix 1.


      Have checked in EEPC 6.1.2 for windows and using with no issues.


      I now need to get EEPC for MAC working on a MacBook Air 4.2  (OSx Lion 10.7.2)  Intel Core i7.


      I have checked in the software Endpoint Encryption for Mac OS X 1.0.0 minor version 248. It will not let me check in the policy extension because a newer one already exists Endpoint Encryption Agent for Windows 1.1.2 Minor version 314.


      Can I managed the MAC EEPC with the latest extension from the windows EEPC package  ?




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          The main reason I say this is because the client is reporting as having it installed but it is inactive.


          In the agent log I see...


          None of the policies exists for the software Id EEADMIN_1000MACX

          None of the policies exists for the software Id EEMAC

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            The EPO extensions are the same for both products - so if you already are using the later EEPC one, you can use that to manage Macs.


            you just need to check in the EEMAC components.

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              Many thanks for the quick response and that's one less thing to worry about.


              My probs are it's still in 'Inactive' and I am not sure if it's ePO or EEPC having the issue.


              In ePO it is not showing as having EEPC for MAC installed. The 4 modules are install on the MAC however.


              This is what I see in ePO ....


              Installed Applications : Application Protection for MAC, McAfee Agent, Anti-malware for Mac


              Any reason why it cannot see it ?