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    Is there a McAfee liteweight management server for smaller organizations?

      I'm looking at deploying up to 60 Windows servers and right now as a PoC we need to install McAfee on 5 of the servers.  The original spec for the servers included No Internet Access.  We have 5 licenses of McAfee Endpoint/AV for the PoC but they require Internet access to download and complete the installation.  I cannot get the boxes on the Internet.


      The Internet access violates the policy for the servers themselves as well as the policy and configuration for the VLAN they are installed on.


      I don't want ePO to manage my Enterprise- I don't need ePO as I have a different solution in place for the bulk of my machines, I use a competitor's product on 99% of the organization but the vendor for this suite has mandfated McAfee as the endpoint protection solution.


      What I am looking for is a server to manage the downloads and installs that can access McAfee for all of the AV needs of these boxes starting with the origianl 5 and growing to cover.  If that is a subset of or a stripped down ePO so be it.  I've worked withj ePO in the past and it isn't that bad.  I don't need local encryption, but I do need the end point protection.  This box will be used to access McAfee for DAT file updates from McAfee's site and to deploy to or access as a passive share for the end points to pull updates from and to manage policies and reporting from a single location.


      Does McAfee offer management software such as I am describing here at no additional cost?  Given that every other AV vendor I've dealt with does offer a "free" management server to help expand their presence I would expect McAfee to do the same.