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    Problem when you Common Access Card thru the Web Gateway


      We have several users that access government websites that require them to login with common access cards via a card reader.  When we point those users to our web gateway and they attempt to access the sites they are prompted for logon information.  This does not happen when the users are not being directed through the web gateway as the authentication is done with the CAC.

      After some testing it was determined that disabling the rule "Handle Connect Call" rectifies the issue and the users are no longer prompted and can access the sites with their CAC.

      However we do no wish to disable this rule as we have our on CA that is required per our security policy.

      Further testing revealed if the users logged in with the rule disabled (meaning they authenticate with ther CAC) and we re-enabled the rule they could utilize the sites with no problem.  So the problem is only with the initial authentication.


      I'm looking for some information in helping to resolve this issue.   Any advice and guidance is appreciated.


      Thank you,