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    Policy Auditor, Purging Policy Auditor Data

        Hi all,


        I'm not sure if this is the right forum, feel free to direct me elsewhere with my Polciy Auditor (PA) quesiton.


      One of the task that is available from the ePO console when PA is insalled is "PA: Purge Policy Auditor Data". I have this task running on a nightly basis. I assume that it will get rid of audit data where a specific audit no longer exists ( it's been deleted for example.) or the specfic audit has expired data.


        If my assumption is correct, then I have an issue. I'm seeing data from queries that have long been deleted and other audits whose data has expired. Shouldn't this information be purged/deleted.


        In trouble-shooting this, I've changed the duration of the purge from the default 2 hours and have let it run as long a 18 hours. However, I'm still seeing a fair amount of expired data. In some cases, an audit was assigned to an Active Directory group where 1500 systems did not have either the ePO or PA client. That audit has been disabled and the audit data is expired beyond the 1 week retention time yet 1500 "unknown" entries still exist for that specific audit.


        Is my interpretation of what the "purging" task does incorrect?