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    lion upgrade to McAfee Internet Security is disabled

      I upgraded to 10.7.2 Lion, mcafee internet security is disabled, I tried to uninstall it to try a new installation, unfortunately during the verification that takes place before 'installing a warning appears saying that' Setup can not proceed because it is detected another antivirus application, which is not possible, since I only installed mcafee.

      Does anyone know how can I fix it?

      Waiting thank and salute all forums


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          Ho risolto il problema, per prima cosa ho disinstallato little snicth 2.4 con My Mac clean (ho installato successivamente la versione 2.4.4), secondo nella cartella delle preferenze delle applicazioni ho trovato traccia di una vecchia installazione di prova di Kaspersky, una cartellina che Mcafee al momento della verifica prima dell' intallazione rilevava come app. incompatibile.

          Ho installato Mcafee internet security 1.0, ho aggiornato e ho installato little Snicth 2.4.4. Tutto funziona bene.




          I solved the problem, first I uninstalled 2.4 with little snicth Clean My Mac (I then installed version 2.4.4), according to the preferences folder of the applications I have found no trace of an old installation of Kaspersky, a single folder Mcafee at the examination before the 'Please install app as noted. incompatible.
          I installed McAfee Internet Security 1.0, I updated and I have little Snicth 2.4.4 installed. Everything works fine.