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    McAfee Removal Tool?

      I have been seeing references to a Complete or Clean removal tool for bad McAfee installations, does this really exist? We have had to start over with a new ghost image because McAfee refuses sto completely un-install.

      Any help is appreciated, tia!
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          Manual Uninstall of VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i

          Manual Uninstall Of VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i

          URL for VS 8.5i Updated by Grif
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            At first we used the Microsoft Control Panel>Programs and Features>McAfee>Uninstall...

            But that left tons of McAfee everywhere, so we deleted our OS image and downloaded a ghost image to start over...

            We've never used a "tool" before, is it made by McAfee? Does it really clean off all the leftover &^%?


            @Ex_Brit: Okay, no tool exists... I looked at those links and it is faster to Re-load an OS to be sure, much less ghost down a saved OS image prior to McAfee install. Too bad McAfee Enterprise installs so badly, we re-do ~70% of our systems before we see clean McAfee installs - see other post by me.
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              Read my post, that tool does not apply in your case.
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                Be nice, read my post again... =)
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                  I was being nice - I posted it 3 minutes before you altered your post above. I wanted to catch you before you tried that other tool that could easily have caused further problems.
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                    Thank you! X-posting... BTW, any idea on my other post, it would solve a long standing issue for us if we had some clues why... Tia! =)
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                      Not a clue, sorry. I'm not en Enterprise user. Tony or Grif will probably provide you an answer before too long.

                      Good luck.
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                        I also want to kick this anti-virus software out of my machine:mad::mad:

                        That's a brilliant way to promote the software by leaving tons of stuffs after uninstall..
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                          It's not clear what you mean by: "BTW, any idea on my other post, it would solve a long standing issue for us if we had some clues why... Tia! =)". I thought all questions had been answered...

                          Still,,,, just some responses to what appear to be your questions..

                          As mentioned earlier, Nope, there is no removal tool for VirusScan 8.0i or 8.5i and there weren't official removal tools for any of the previous versions either..

                          In my experience, our corporate McAfee installs/uninstalls need to be a little bit faster (many done remotely using ePO) and as such, we generally don't worry about the remnants left UNLESS there is an issue. And when there is an issue, it becomes a hands-on problem anyway where the time to visit the workstation is going to be more important that the difference between manual removal versus a tool.. Doing a manual removal isn't a big deal when you have to take the time to be at the workstation anyway. We also don't ghost/image our machines simply because our data is constantly changing.. We would need to make an image of every machine daily and it's simply not possible.. We make other types of data backups, etc. For us, the remnants aren't of much concern..

                          That said, YES, ever since corporate products diverted away from the retail stuff (about VS 4.X I believe), we have asked for a corporate program removal tool. We've never had one and I can't tell you why.. I'll guess that removal of the complex file and registry placements isn't as easy as it sounds. In addition, each new version is a little different from the rest and as such, a new or updated tool would need to be made. (As an example, look a the different items removed in the 8.0i and 8.5i removal links posted earlier by Peter/Ex Brit.) Besides, in the Enterprise environment, there is a paid support person that's supposed to help the company through such issues.. Unfortunately, I can't give you a fixed answer "Why".. I just accept it as: "That's the way it is.". Sorry.

                          Hope this helps.
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